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It has been quite a whirlwind of crazy and good since we arrived to Romania. The adjustment to Romanian life has been an easier transition than we had anticipated. God has really been our comfort and joy. Abella has been great and of course been making friends wherever she goes. She really is one of the friendliest people I’ve ever known.

The Lord has been stretching both Liviu and I as we’ve been venturing into life at Harvest and ministry here. Liviu has been extremely busy with getting caught up with the ministries he is leading (Young Adults & Middle School students). There is a lot more structure here at the church that he is still getting used to. It is very organized and spirit led, which is a great thing! I have been getting more involved with the worship team and had to audition in order to make the cut. I was extremely nervous and stressed. One of my first services, I led worship in Romanian. I swear I was having an anxiety attack over it, having so many insecurities before the service. But the Holy Spirit took over and once I got on the stage, I felt overwhelmed by His presence and it overtook me. God is always there for us even when we feel so inadequate. All He wants is a willing heart.

There are days when I feel so homesick and nostalgic, thinking of all the great memories from back in the Midwest. I’m always thinking of my Grandma, who passed away a month before we had to leave. She was one of my best friends and was always there for me. I miss my parents and their constant support in my life. They are such an encouragement to us and our ministry. I miss my brother and sister-in-law, my sweet nephew. I miss my incredible friends! I miss so many people and so many comforts of “home”. But through it all I have been realizing what really matters in life.

Our home isn’t here on earth, our home is in heaven. We need to keep our eyes on high with a vertical mindset. Things of this world seem like such a big deal to us, we get full of ourselves and our “needs” that we neglect to think of our eternal place in heaven. What is the point to living on this earth? Really? Is it to gain all of the good things this world has to offer? Is it to get a good job and be successful? Is our main goal to live a comfortable life or to find the “perfect one” for us that will make all of our dreams come true? Come on people! Life is about reaching the lost. Life is about extending the Kingdom of God. Some people, like us have gone across the world to do that, but that’s not how everyone’s story will be. You can do this at your workplace, your local coffee shop, or the market. We need to wake up and see the dying world around us. Take a moment, look to the Lord and ask Him how He wants to use you, not what you want to do, but what He wants. His dreams for us go far beyond what we ever thought could be possible.

God’s love for us is so wide and great, that it is hard for us to comprehend. Take a moment and think of His goodness and faithfulness.


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