Pray for your Mate

It is easy to go day to day thinking of all the reasons why our mate is not holding up to their end of the bargain. I can be very critical towards my husband without even realizing it. I get upset when he is not home for dinner on time, gets a call to meet with someone when we just put the baby down, does not help with the dishes, forgets to take the garbage out and the list goes on. But then I hear that ever so gentle voice in my ear saying, have GRACE.

I must admit I ignore this voice at times because I would rather be angry instead, but what good does that do? When I step back and think instead of letting my feelings get in the way, I realize how hard my husband is working to provide for our family and reach out to people who need Jesus. Instead of making a list of all of the things he’s not doing, I need to take time to pray for him. It can’t be easy being the leader of the home and a leader at the church with the weight of the world on his shoulders. As a wife I need to be his main support not his main critic. Life is too short to have petty conflicts and at the end of the day we are both doing what God has called us to do in this season in our lives. I am a stay at home mother and also very involved at church and my husband is the head of our house and a pastor at our church. Life in ministry is not easy but it is so worth it!

Take time to think of all of the good things your mate is doing. Let them know how much you appreciate and support them. It makes a world of difference bringing encouragement to the home instead of criticism to the home. Pray first and then speak.

Looking Upward + Onward

I feel like the Lord has been revealing so much to me this summer. In a spiritual sense I have been coming up against some road blocks that satan has been trying to put in my way. It is clear that we are in a daily battle. Satan knows where our weak spots are and does everything he can to get us to give in and give up. I have been feeling this way the past couple of weeks in my own spiritual life. I came to this realization this week and I am so thankful that my eyes have been opened to this, instead of going on feeling defeated. Throughout this battle the Lord has been sending specific people to speak into our lives, prophecy over us, and bring encouragement to us. 

Never give up on the calling God has placed on your life. Never give up living each day in His presence. Actively seek the Lord and see what He shows you. God has orchestrated every little thing in our lives from the family you grew up in, the job you had in high school, your roommate from college, the mentor you had in your twenties, the falling out you had with a close friend, the spouse you married, the prayer group you were in, only for you to find out that this whole time He was preparing for you to be a part of something greater. God has been a part of every detail of your life leading to where you are now and where you will be in the future. Instead of feeling stuck, use that as a stepping stone to even greater things. All of us have different stories and will have different outcomes, but when we put every piece together in God’s Kingdom, it becomes a beautiful piece of art.

Do not keep going on with life letting the devil have a foothold. Kick him to the curb and believe what the Lord says about you. He sees your greatness even when you don’t. These lyrics keep coming to mind as I write this:

I am chosen
Not forsaken
I am who You say I am
You are for me
Not against me
I am who You say I am

All you need to do is take hold and believe.