The Beginning 

We have officially started our work at Harvest. It has been an amazing and very busy first week. When we arrived last Monday evening, we were greeted by the team we will be working with in ministry. They came with flowers and groceries for us and all I could do was cry. It was such a humbling and overwhelming feeling to know that God brought us to this church, to work with these amazing people. 
We have been introduced to so many people, that I am just hoping to keep everyone’s name straight. We have met with the staff, pastors, elders, our small group, young adult team, middle school team and so many more. This last weekend we had the opportunity to attend “Open Door” that Harvest presents to people who are interested in planting a Harvest Church. The sessions were informative and full of amazing testimonies of how God has been working through this church. 
Liviu has been doing great with entering into his new role as the Young Adult Pastor. He has a lot to do and a lot to catch up on, but he is excited to get started. This Friday will be the first meeting for all of the youth (middle school, high school & young adults). 

Our daughter, Abella, has also been adjusting really well to the change. Her sleep schedule is finally starting to get back on track. She is still reaching out and making friends with everyone she meets. She brings a smile to everyone’s face. 

I have been praying that God shows me what ways I can serve here at church besides doing what is expected of me. I don’t want to force anything to happen, I want God to show me what He wants. It has been pretty easy adjusting so far but I think Abella helps out a lot, with keeping me so busy. I do not have time to think about how I am going through culture shock. When she is sleeping and it is still, that is when it hits me. I am going to call this place home. I need to make it feel like home. I miss the familiarity of my home back in the States but soon enough Romania will feel familiar to me. All good things take time and I need to constantly keep that in mind. 

The crazy thing about all of this, is that I get the feeling this is only the beginning.  

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  1. Beth Hackbarth says:

    Well I know this transition is so incredibly exciting that is for sure! I thank God for all of the faithful people that have held your arms up through pray and financial support!!! Thank you to all! ❤️ God is faithful! It makes it easier to know as a Mom your kids are right where God has called them to be! I am proud of you all and know that He has a specific plan for you all there! I declare a mighty move of His Holy Spirit in that region and thousands will be saved and healed!!! Love you all! XOXOXO




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