The Devil’s Not Sleeping and Neither Should We

This past week has been a week full of obstacles and challenges to say the least. It all started a week before we were to leave for Romania. I will fill you in on the latest happenings.

Early last Tuesday morning my brother’s car got stolen from his driveway. It was crazy. We all felt terrible for him and his family. We felt helpless and prayed that his car would turn up. Later that same day as Liviu was on his way to work in Chicago, he was attacked at the local Dunkin Donuts. He could not believe this was happening to him. The man wanted Liviu’s money and the keys to the car. Liviu told him no and that is when the fight began. Liviu got cut on his arm and then he took the man’s arm to stop him and head butted him at the same time. The man fell to the ground and Liviu got a 2×4 from the trunk and started beating him, this did not make the man happy.  Liviu grabbed a screwdriver and pointed it at the man, until he finally ran away. Liviu went to the hospital to make sure his hand was not broken and to get the wound checked out. It could have been worse, but the doctor advised him to get blood work to make sure he was not infected from the blade. Liviu started to head back home when the car broke down on the highway. Such a crazy day for so many reasons.

A couple days later we attended some very important meetings talking about our ministry here in Romania and all of them went extremely well. So many exciting things for the future and helping the people here. This just shows that everything that happened up to that point was Satan trying to distract us and get us down. We know we are in God’s will and that terrifies the evil one.

That weekend my brother’s family came up so we could spend quality time together before we would leave. The second day we were together, my sister-in-law saw that her son had bumps around his mouth and wondered what it was. As the day went on the same bumps were on his hands and feet. Low and behold the poor guy had hand, foot and mouth disease. It was a sad day, but he never complained once. It was only a matter of time before our daughter would get the same thing since it is highly contagious. And yes it happened as we traveled to Romania. Poor little thing is not feeling too good. We just have to wait it out and let it take its course.

Needless to say, Satan does not sleep and neither should we. He is out to steal, kill and destroy. That is exactly what he has been trying to do to us and my family back in the States. We are all actively serving in ministry and Satan is not happy about it. First he attacks the men of the family and then goes straight for the children. No way is he going to get away with this! We are coming back stronger than ever, ready to stand against his evil schemes with the blood of Jesus.

It can be very easy to separate the spiritual world from the physical world. It is easy to act like the spiritual realm does not exist. But let me tell you one thing, IT REALLY DOES EXIST. Satan is active and ready to pounce when he sees a weak spot. Do not let him get you down. You know you are in the right place when opposition comes your way. Keep going strong after the Lord! Extending the Kingdom of God is worth the struggle against the evil one. Even though it has been a rough week for all of us, it makes me that much more excited to see what God has in store!

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  1. David Hegstrom says:

    Way to use your head, Liviu.


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