Earthly Mind vs. Spiritual Mind

Trusting in the Lord is something that I am constantly pursuing and something I want to become better at. I feel like having big faith has been the theme of my life the past year.  I guess I thought it would be a short phase that I would go through and then move on to the next thing God wanted me to learn. Clearly I was wrong. I am still in the season of trusting when I cannot see the final outcome or knowing how everything will work out. When my spirit mind thinks of this concept, I have complete peace but when my earthly mind thinks of this, I get stressed and feel out of control.

Why is it that when we feel out of control, we feel nervous and uneasy when really that is the exact place God wants us to be. He wants to be the one to form our steps and to lead us down the right path. Once we relinquish control and let God take over, it does not mean that life will all of a sudden be easy and perfect but we will have peace and that is something money cannot buy. I have learned that being in God’s will is ALWAYS where you want to be. Some may be wondering how do you know if you are in God’s will? How do you know what decision to make when all the decisions can have a good outcome? How do you know??? Well to be totally honest with you, I have been going through this myself. I have been going through these questions and putting pressure on myself to make sure I am in God’s will and making solid choices. And trust me, it has been at the forefront of my mind lately, almost to the point where I feel like I am going crazy. But when I get down to the nitty gritty facts, I do know without a shadow of a doubt that I am indeed in God’s will. How do I know this? It goes back to having peace. Peace that surpasses my earthly understanding. My earthly mind will spin in circles, asking so many questions and then at this point I come to a complete stop. I need to realize that God’s ways are higher than mine, who am I to doubt Him? I mean seriously… why do I put myself through this crazy cycle? His promises never fail!

A friend recently told me that if the theme of faith keeps coming up in my life, then there is a reason for that. There may be a situation down the road where I will need bigger faith than ever before and whenever that day comes, I want God to see that I will not doubt in Him. I am believing for big things to happen in not only my life but those around me. We need to start believing for the impossible. We need to take those steps of faith even when our eyes cannot see.

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